Get Slimmer Challenge

Are You Up for a Change and a Challenge?

When you beautify yourself from the inside, eventually and inevitably, that radiance will be infused into every cell of your body and will ooze out of your pores, shining and visible on the outside for all to see. Radiant health, normalized body weight, clear skin, sparkling eyes, abundant joy, and happiness are just some of the amazing 'side-effects' that users have experienced from SLIMMER.


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Meet The Host of The GET SLIMMER Challenge

My name is DR. KATHLEEN ODEN, the facilitator of the Get Slimmer Challenge, and I am motivated to guide you through this challenge as well as, help you create a new healthy lifestyle that will impact the rest of your life!

Hosted by:

Create AnewU Health Ministry

Just for you...

If you’re interested in trying out a healthy way to feel better and lose weight but feel you could use a little bit of guidance and support, as well as motivation along the way, then the GET SLIMMER CHALLENGE will be perfect for you! You’ll be joined by a group of like-minded health-seekers dedicated to improving their quality of health by improving the foods they consume and losing some weight along the way!

I’ll be supporting you every step of the way - answering questions, motivating you through difficult days, providing challenges to hold you accountable and rewarding you with special gifts!

Are you in?

I Can’t Wait to Get Started with You on Sunday, May 12th!